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(Pictures from last year)

TENDENS is very proud to be a part of DESIGN TALK With Bergen Design Story.

DESIGN TALK 2015 will gather participants and engaging contributors for an exciting day with various Design Talks. All participants related to the category of interior design are WELCOME: Designers, stylists, photographers, architects, manufacturers, trend researchers, editors, creators, advertisers and bloggers, as well as anyone else who is interested in interior design.
This year’s theme is SALUT TO CRAFTERS AND MAKERS conveyed through storytelling. Outstanding people will share their stories. Keywords are honesty, personal, real, balance, tradition, handmade, substance, and craftsmanship.

Tickets for the event are now available on Billettservice:
Remember Design Talk  is this year an important part of the well known design fair in Bergen, Grieghallen. Included in the ticket price is therefor weekend pass to the fair Interiør & boligmessen

I really hope to see you in Bergen in October! Let`s have fun!



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